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Seasonal Rest ~ Autumn Alchemy with the Element of Metal

*Starting Friday* Ever feel like switching off is impossible, particularly at the end of the week when you have a bit of extra time meant for doing just that?! You're not alone. Whether it's worrying about work, finances, family, friends, there's always something we seem to find ourselves preoccupied with when we have the opportunity to slow down... it's not surprising that so many of us do everything we can to avoid it.

Although we all know that rest is super beneficial for us, let's face it, if it was always enjoyable we'd all be inclined to do it more, without having burn out or disaster force it upon us. Re-framing our relationship with rest, however, can have a seismic impact on us and the whole of our lives, if we can embrace it.

When we are rested we know how to better communicate our needs. We are less likely to reach for all of the coffee/tea/energy drink/biscuits/sugar in some form, and we are less likely to buy 'quick fixes'. When we are rested we're able to navigate life's challenges just that little easier, and the impact ripples out to all of our relationships with our loved ones, too.

It's a win win.

But how to rest when the ways rest may have been modeled to us are less than ideal?

Through the practices I'm going to share with you in Seasonal Rest. A 5 week online course with an emphasis on yin yoga to unravel tension from the physical body, yoga nidra to release tension from the mind and journaling to continue integrating and bringing all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Each week we meet for a live session on Friday evening from 7:30-8:45pm, and you also have access to a whole library of videos with different length resources and practices to slot into your week and help you on this journey of rest and self care. You are welcome to take the course at your own pace, and all of the live material is recorded to catch up or replay.

When it comes to learning to slow down and to allow yourself to rest you don't have to feel like you're struggling alone ~ join this beautiful online community and allow yourself to feel held. Ongoing email support is also available throughout, and you receive a weekly email with the theme for that week exploring the dynamics of autumn through different lenses.

Alongside the above there's also a couple of live guest facilitator sessions to add some variety and dept to your sessions ~ a beautiful soothing sound bath and an energising Qi Gong session ~ they're going to be very special.

Seasonal Rest ~ Autumn Alchemy begins on Friday 21st October and will be the last Seasonal Rest course I'll be offering this year (winter devoted to preparing for Retreat into Rest in January). The next few people to register (living in the UK) will also receive a gorgeous goodie box in the post with some carefully curated items to help nurture them on their self care journey.

To find out more & register visit the Seasonal Rest web page here or click on any of the links. Let's embrace the turning of the season and leaning into rest and relaxation together.

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