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 Mental health issues alone cost the UK work force nearly £35 billion in 2019, and with 1 in 6 people experiencing mental health issues every week, this isn't surprising.


While employee assistant plans for those requiring help exist, many fail to look at long lasting, sustainable change for both ongoing mental and physical health issues and preventative approaches to health.


Want to boost office morale & workplace wellness?

Increased Energy

Yoga increases blood flow and decreases fatigue

Increased Focus

Yoga boosts morale and helps increase focus through less stress, leaving more room for creativity and productivity.

Reduced Stress

Yoga helps to lower levels of stress hormone cortisol & balance the nervous  system.

Improved Communication

Yoga helps sharpen emotional intelligence, improve mindset and communication skills.

Decreased Sick Days

Yoga boosts employee health and helps to decrease frequency and length of days taken off due to illness.

Improved Strength & Confidence

Yoga helps you to strengthen your mental, physical and emotional body and build confidence and clarity.

Yoga is a preventative measure which not only boosts mood, equips people with the tools to self regulate/access their emotions in a healthy way and keep their bodies strong, it also provides the following benefits for the workplace:

Wild Wolf Movement offers bespoke Workplace Wellness programs for your company including different elements of chair yoga, meditation, breath work and mindfulness. From one off sessions as part of workplace wellness weeks to to ongoing weekly sessions to bolster health and morale, we can work together to find the right solution for your work place.

Read what some of our recent clients have to say, below.

Book your free 15 minute workplace wellness consultation call to find out how we can help.



“Before the session I felt stressed out, tired and drained, afterwards I felt energised and calm. I realised I haven’t stretched or had any ‘me’ time for the past year so this was just what I needed. Following the session I felt like I was able to cope with the day ahead, had more energy and was able to concentrate better on my assessments. Overall it was both very calming and energising. I have never been one for yoga but this session has changed my opinion.” 


“Before the session I felt stressed and tense. After the session it felt like the majority of my stress and anxiety had melted away - I feel brilliant!”

“It changed the course of my day: I felt motivated and had a clear mind, it helped me to be mindful of my breathing throughout the day and when stressful things occurred.”


“The movement was lovely and the stretching. I spend most of the day sat down and it was nice to move again. I also enjoyed the peace and quiet and the focus on my breathing. I feel more positive for the day ahead and more able to cope with any potential stressors I may encounter.” 

“I really appreciated the accessibility of the session, it was not above my level so I didn’t feel put off. I feel as though I could replicate this in my own time and will try this at home. The element I enjoyed most was the meditation and will definitely use it again.” 

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