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About Marie & WWM

Hailing from Wolf town (aka Wolverhampton) Marie is a tea & travel enthusiast, dreamer, goddess, creatrix.

Capricorn sun, scorpio moon, virgo rising.

Both feet in ~


Marie is an inquisitive, joyful soul in the vessel of a young woman who draws inspiration from the extraordinary and the everyday in equal measure ~ forever trying to recognise they are of the same cloth, and that the threads that bind the two worlds are interwoven through all that we do.


Movement as Medicine

Fascinated by this experience of being human she loves to explore the mind body connection through the physical, the mental and the emotional, exploring movement of prana or energy through the physical in yoga, dance, running, Qi-Gong; through the mental with continued learning, investigating and problem solving and through the emotional both with exchanges with others in the outer world and within the inner world of the self.

Ever observant and curious by nature, a burning desire to share stories led her to study journalism many moons ago, where it became all too quickly apparent that the motive behind a story is paramount. After writing other people’s stories as an arts writer in Berlin for several years she decided to continue writing her own as she embarked upon her yoga journey - first and foremost through the eyes of a student.


The Power of Storytelling

Marie is fascinated by the stories we tell each other about ourselves, the stories we store in our bodies.
Continuing to learn how to befriend mind and body and identify the stories they hold is an ongoing process, a coming home that she invites you to share with her. From her perspective life so far has been a series of learning and unlearning, creating and erasing, forging and surrendering and she is grateful for it all.

Marie strives as a facilitator to create safe spaces through yoga classes, events and more for people to connect authentically with themselves and others, trusting their own wisdom and inner teacher. She is interested and actively trying to create inclusive, fluid and sustainable community led initiatives that empower, enable and encourage those around her  ~ and welcomes any input on how to do so.


Lone Wolf ~ Wolf Pack

Yoga does not exist in a vacuum, we are not islands unto ourselves but an incredible archipelago.

While learning to self regulate better has been one of the greatest tools that yoga has equipped Marie with, she acknowledges that how we co-regulate is equally, if not more, important. There is no escaping that we are all relational mammals, making sense of the world around us through our relationships with each other, the world around us and the stories we share.


Let’s write a masterpiece together.

Qualifications & Continued Professional Development


Hatha & Vinyasa

Jan 2017- Feb 2017
With Lila Kirtana & Mal Knights
Krishna Village ~ NSW, Australia


Yoga Nidra

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018
With Swami Yoga Ratna Saraswati
Shankar Prasad Ashram ~ Gokarna,India


March 2018
With Gwyn Williams
Training in Jasri, Bali ~ Indonesia

Zen Thai Shiatsu


Yoga for Fertility & Menstrual Health

Jan 2019
With Uma Tinsmore- Dull
TriYoga ~ London, UK


Trauma Sensitive / Informed Yoga

March 2019
Neurobiology of Trauma & Trauma Informed Yoga Practices
With Alex Cat of The Yoga Clinic ~ London, UK


Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

July 2019
With Sarah Lo ~ Milton Keynes, UK


Tantrica Program

August 2019
With Swami Hamsa Jnana Saraswati ~ Norwich, UK


Usui Reiki

September 2019
With Gail Millington ~ Aldridge, UK

20 Hour TCTSY

March 2020 ~ Trauma Centre for Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundation
With Alex Cat of The Yoga Clinic ~ London, UK



Yoga For Mental Health

July 2020
With Maria Kirsten ~ online

Facilitator Training

Awakened Belly Dance

September 2021
With Katie Holland ~ Sinai, Egypt

Facilitator Training

Inner Dance

September 2022
With Katie Holland ~ Leicester, UK

Level 1

Sound Healing

March 2023
With Brahma Yoga Rishikesh, India

Plus countless workshops spanning many different aspects of yoga, meditation & mindfulness.



Thank you to my teachers and the teachers of my teachers

A non exhaustive list of just some of the inspiring teachers that have guided me on my journey so far (besides the every day):  Kirileigh Lynch ~ Victorien Colin ~ Victoria Larsson ~ Bernie Clarke ~ Sarah Powers ~ Paul Grilley ~ Maria Kirsten ~ Gwyn Williams ~ Uma Tinsmore Dull ~ Swami Hamsa Jnana Saraswati ~  Alex Cat ~ Katie Holland ~ Echo Elliott ~ Stewart Gilchrist ~ Pi Villaraza



Marie has had the joy of holding space for a huge variety of people from across the globe since first qualifying as a yoga teacher at the start of 2017. From her first community classes at a retreat centre in Australia to teaching beginners classes in gyms and then more intermediate vinyasa classes, yin classes and more in studios across the world, her teaching style continues to adapt and evolve to accommodate her audience and is playful, inquisitive and inclusive.

As comfortable teaching a class of 30+ as a one to ones, Marie also has a wealth of experience delivering extended yoga & meditation workshops, one day events and retreats  in various settings, from corporate events to festivals.

If you are interested in creating a bespoke event or class together please visit the contact page or send an email:

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