Seasonal Rest ~ 6 Week Course
Stepping into Spring with the Element of Wood

Movement & Meditation for the seasons ~ Yin, Yoga Nidra & Relaxation

As the days start to get lighter and the seasons begin to change, are you ready for an inner energetic shift to match the outer?

Following the darker months of winter and hibernation, the pressure to venture out and ‘achieve’ can be great (hello, Jan resolutions).

Instead of thrusting ourselves back into packed schedules with less sleep and more anxiety, is there a different, middle ground we can tread instead?

How can we learn to embrace the ebb and flow of life and the seasons, and re-frame rest as the invaluable tool that it is?


In the same way a tiny seedling begins to make it’s way towards the sunlight through the soil, how can we too grow at our own, sustainable pace, nourishing ourselves along the way?


Instead of demonizing down time and believing the conditioning that rest isn't 'productive', let's change the narrative.

Let’s cultivate the tool kit to grow together and really begin to integrate and embody rest on a whole new level ~ join us for the spring iteration of Seasonal Rest.

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seasonal rest spring_edited.jpg
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Seasonal Rest is the perfect weekly cocoon to nurture yourself and recharge, renew & refresh your being.

A 6 week online course beginning Friday 1st April, the course has a main focus on the powerful combination of Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation.

More than just a weekly live session, the course is a container in which to feel held, guided and encouraged on the journey back to yourself this spring, equipping you with some tools to feel less anxious and more grounded in your being.

Each week you’ll receive an email with prompts around that week’s theme, as well as access to shorter recorded materials to help you learn & experience more tools to de-stress, process thoughts & emotions and find a sense of balance within yourself.

It can be incredibly difficult to find time to slow down alone - allow this opportunity to help guide you, and connect you with a community of others doing the same.

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You absolutely do NOT need to have yoga or meditation experience or be flexible to join us!


Physically you can expect to feel more flexible, with happier joints & improved sleep.


Emotionally you can begin to find more of an even keel and balance in response to life's challenges.


Mentally you can start to learn to notice your habitual thought patterns & begin to manage stress & anxiety more easily.


This is for you if:


🌙 You struggle to switch off at the end of the week and dedicate time to your own mental, emotional & physical well being. 

🌙 You want to learn more about & live more harmoniously and in tune with the seasons and the cycles of nature.


🌙 You want to be able to slow down and tune in with yourself so that you can show up better for yourself and your loved ones. 


🌙 You'd love a regular meditation practice to feel more grounded and present but the idea of sitting and meditating is overwhelming & you’re not sure where to begin.


🌙 You’re feeling anxious, burnt out or frazzled with the everyday pressures of life and its constant demands.


🌙 You feel disconnected from your intuition & inner knowing and peace.

Seasonal Rest ~ 6 Week Course

You'll have access to:

Live sessions



White Flowers




To deepen your




Weekly emails

With prompts


for further self



✨ A live welcome with opening circle & meditation on Fri 1st April.

6 x 90 min live sessions - 1 each week including a combination of Yin yoga to release deep seated tension from the body & yoga nidra guided meditation to unravel tension in the mind. 

✨ Class & other live session recordings for your own convenience - available for  catch up if you can't make a live or to re-watch and integrate at your own pace.

Recorded material in shorter, digestible chunks released weekly - all relating to the theme of spring & the wood element to further your learning & use for a daily practice if desired.

✨ Weekly emails with tips, reminders, resources.

✨ 2 Bonus live guest sessions including holisitc health practitioner & TCM student Omie Griffiths on exploring seasonal self care during spring.

✨ A live closing circle on Friday 6th May.

✨ A bonus physical goodie bag (worth over £20) posted to you to help nourish you on your journey.

Recorded Material Topics:

Week 1:

Introduction to Yin, TCM &


the wood element

Week 2:

Inner Vision - Yoga Nidra

Week 3:

Harmony & it's contrast

Somatic Practices

Week 4:

Looking at spring through the lens of the chakras

Week 5:

The power of Discernment

Mantra & Mudra

Week 6:

Rooting to Rise

Contuing to grow

You'll Learn:

About the element of wood & the season of spring from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.

✨ About the season of spring through the lens of the chakras.

✨ Practical breathing & meditation exercises to help self regulate and alleviate stress.

Asana (poses) to help release deep seated tension from the fascia & physical body.

Tools to help you feel more comfortable in your own body.

✨ Ways to integrate rest more into your routine and way of being.

"Marie is a great teacher, very friendly and always gives different options for postures. The course was great to do from the comfort of your own home and go to bed after!
It is so much more than 'just' yin sessions. You can take as much or as little of it as you need e.g it doesn't matter if you don't watch the videos but they are there for you to watch when it's convenient.
It's a much needed reminder to rest on a weekly basis. At times Yin might be hard/uncomfortable, not in a physical sense but because it brings things to the surface that you are normally too busy to listen to...but with the discomfort comes understanding and an amazing opportunity to redirect your life! 🙂"

~ Amy W (previous course participant)

In a Nutshell:

✨ Seasonal Rest is a 6 week course from Friday 1st April - Friday 6th May, this edition exploring the element of wood and the season of spring. Live sessions will be Fridays 7:30-9pm & recorded for catch up & re-watching.

✨ There will be an opening circle Friday 1st April 7-7:30pm & a closing circle Friday 6th May, 9-9:30pm. The live session with  Omie Griffiths will be Wednesday 6th April, 7:30 - 8:30pm, and there will be an additional live session with another guest facilitator (more details soon) Weds 20th April, 7:30-8:30pm (both will be recorded).

✨ All sessions will be recorded and available for catch up or re-watching via a dedicated page on this website. You will receive your password to access the page, also with pre recorded materials, closer to the course start date.

Investment: £295. Payment plans available ~ email for more details.

Spaces are limited. Deadline to join: Thurs 31st March.

About Your Guide

Marie discovered the magic of Yin in 2014 and has been practicing it ever since as an integral part of bolstering her mental, emotional & physical health.

On a mission to share the magic of movement, yoga & meditation across the world, Marie was the first teacher to share Yin yoga in her home city in the UK.

After years of studying, living and sharing her yoga practice around the globe she is currently based in the West Midlands, where she shares online & in person offerings; as well as retreats further afield. 

She weaves in knowledge from over 600 hours of training in Yin, Yoga Nidra, Trauma Informed Yoga & Yoga for Mental Health among many others.

When not studying all things movement/yoga related you’ll most likely find her out running along her local nature trail, exploring local rural spots, dancing or having a bath, sipping tea & hanging out with her furry bestie, Luna.

If you're interested in learning more about her experience, skills, teachers & qualifications you can read more here.

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Want to join us but still have some questions? Check out the FAQ below.


💫 I haven't practiced any yoga or meditation before, can I join?

Yes! Yin is a very slow paced style of yoga which often makes it more accessible to beginners. You don't need to be flexible either - this is a by product of practicing ;)

💫 I've been practicing Yin for a while, what can I gain?

The course will provide you with a container to encourage weekly group and self practice, and provide you with many points of inquiry from different schools of thought to deepen your practice. The course goes beyond what any drop in class could give you with much more depth to learn, grow and explore. 

💫 How will live sessions be delivered?

Online via Zoom (download the app for free at

An account is not strictly necessary but makes the user experience a lot smoother.

💫 How will I access recorded sessions?

Via a password protected page on my website. On Friday 1st April you will receive your first weekly email with your password & further instructions. Material will be added in a digestible way, weekly to avoid overwhelm.

💫 How much time will I need to dedicate weekly?

Including the time for live sessions and watching the recorded content, roughly 2 hours each week plus extra time for the guest live sessions and opening & closing circles. Whether you choose to do this or spread the time out over a longer period is up to you ~ you can take everything at your own pace.

💫 How long will I have access to the course materials?

The course material will stay online for an additional 6 weeks after the course has ended, until 17th June for you to digest, re-watch & integrate at your own pace. If you prefer to take the course in smaller chunks over the 12 weeks it is entirely possible to do so.

💫 How does this differ to the Winter version of seasonal rest?

Although the same concept as the winter version of seasonal rest, this iteration has completely new content relating to the season of spring and the element of wood. We have new additional guest facilitators, too, and even better quality recorded videos! :)

Is your question not here? Feel free to drop Marie an email and she'll get back to you.