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Welcome Home

If you're looking for a space to connect with body, breath and spirit you're in the right place.


Whether you'd like to de-stress and explore slow, subtle, deep yoga practices such as Yin yoga or are looking to build strength, create more heat & fire in your belly and want something more Yang, there are options for you here.

The aim of Wild Wolf Movement is to help you reconnect with yourself and to feel confident, joyful and at home in your body.


See below for some of the ways we can work together or feel free to send me an email.


 Join us for weekly in person classes Monday evenings at Bradmore Community Centre, 6:15-7:30pm or 7.45-9pm. Chance to unwind your body and set you up for the week ahead, classes cater to all ages 16+ and are a welcoming environment to practice in.


Winter Term Schedule: Mon 7th November ~ Mon 19th December, 6:15-7:30pm *Fully Booked* and 7:30-9pm *5 places remaining* please email to join the waiting list if needed. January term dates TBC.

About Your Teacher

My own yoga journey started many moons ago when I wanted to become more flexible for dancing, but it wasn't until experiencing a mental health crisis my practice became regular. Yoga gave me the tools to transform the very fabric of my being and this is why I want to share this incredible practice with you, too.

I value movement and stillness in equal measure and specialise in Yin Yoga ~ a dreamy, slow practice that helps unravel tension in body & mind. Alongside yoga I love running & dancing and also offer Awakened Belly Dance courses.

I draw on 5+ years of teaching and living my practice around the globe, and have had the pleasure of studying yoga in India, Australia, Indonesia and beyond. For more info about me you can visit the about page here. See what my students are saying below.

What Students Say

"Marie's sessions are everything I hoped for. She puts everything into her classes, from the beautifully curated playlists and the ambience of the room, to the expertly crafted routines - you can be sure that by the end of the practice you will feel deeply relaxed and filled with comfort and contentment. 

I would recommend these dreamy classes to anyone, yin yoga is such a gift - when do we ever take that kind of time to focus on ourselves in day to day life? Holding each pose for the extended periods of time gives a chance for introspection and a real connection with the self, along with the opportunity to stretch deeply which is so essential for anyone who trains regularly. 

If you've ever considered giving it a try, this is your sign to go for it ~ you'll thank me!"

~ Amy

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