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Permission to Pause

Will you give it to yourself?

I know that I can find it extremely difficult, much of the time.

Pausing, slowing down is the medicine it sounds as though so many of us need right now. Time for our nervous systems to begin to relax, time to connect with ourselves, to process and to rest.

Even if you don't have the resources and the capacity to go on a retreat or spend a prolonged period away from your screen, can you dedicate just 15 mins every day for one week to winding down?

Permission to Pause is just that.

Permission to Pause is a one week, short and sweet yet powerful container for change. Every evening we'll meet online to reconnect & nourish mind, body and spirit through Yin yoga, meditation and breath. This is the perfect prelude to bed and an amazing night's sleep!

To celebrate the launch of my upcoming, Wolves based in person Yin yoga sessions and my upcoming online Yin course (more on that very soon...eek, so exciting!) I've created this one week offering for you, completely free.

This is for you if:

🌛You're looking for time out to reconnect with yourself

🌛You struggle to hold yourself accountable with yoga and meditation practices

🌛Winding down in the evenings/switching off from work is challenging & you find yourself scrolling for hours instead...

🌛You want to bolster your emotional and mental resilience

🌛 You want to improve your physical flexibility

🌛You're nervous about meditating by yourself

🌛You want to try Yin yoga or meditation (even if you've never tried it before)

Curious? Why not join us - use the button above to sign up, it's completely free.

You can even catch up with a recording if you can't make all of the lives. Will you give yourself permission to pause? I hope so.

Keep Reading for some FAQs answered...

Do I need yoga/meditation experience/do I need to be flexible?

Nope! Just a willingness to learn and be present.

What is the investment?

This is a free offering I feel called to share at this time. The collective energy is in desperate need of slowing down and some self regulation practices!

Do I need any equipment?

You don’t need anything fancy - cushions, a warm drink and a journal are a good call though. Wear warm, comfortable clothes and if you do have a bolster and yoga blocks keep them handy. Cushions are the best prop though if you don’t.

Do I have to have my camera on for the Zoom call?

I ask all new students to turn their camera on and say hello initially (and I love being able to see you throughout) but no, you’re welcome to get comfy in your jammies etc and leave your camera off if you’re feeling more introverted.

How do I access the session?

Via the zoom link sent in your joining email - it’s the same link for everyday. You can access the meeting without downloading zoom but it’s easy and free to create an account at

Can I catch up if I can’t make the live?

Yes, recordings of the sessions will be available for up to 24 hours for replay. After this it will be deleted. If you can really do try to get to the live sessions - sharing the energy with other people even online is really powerful.

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