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Reflection Day: What Has Lock down Taught Us?

One year ago today we entered a new phase none of us could have foreseen. Like a caterpillar entering a cocoon and undergoing a period of intense but messy transformation, we were all plunged headfirst into lock down...some of us kicking and screaming, others secretly (or not so secretly, hey fellow introverts) welcoming the new pace of life and chance to hibernate.

For many, myself included this year has been completely transformational in so many ways.

Personally I went through a huge process of learning to love myself even deeper (with 3 months virtually completely alone, no human touch - thank goodness I had my cat, Luna) and went through a huge process of evaluating everything (and everyone) in my life.

Yoga in the attic - my previous sacred space home attic studio where Zoom classes began!

I identified where I was out of alignment with my purpose, goals & integrity and consequently handed my notice in to my part time communications job, moved into the very first apartment of my own and let go of various toxic individuals lingering in my sphere.

I poured all of my time and energy into my first real love of teaching yoga and my online yoga teaching journey began. Despite having never taught an online class before I got to grips with Zoom, put some posts out and went about building the wonderful online WWM community you see and are part of today.

In terms of yoga, teaching online has taught me all kinds of lessons, including:

~ Remembering that people sharing their time with you is the most humbling & sacred gift.

~ In this setting it's so much easier for grabbing props and feeling comfortable...

~ But equally can be hard to find a quiet space when there are several family members/pets etc vying for attention! That said...

~ The act of sharing the sessions with loved ones in a home space is a truly magical experience (and especially lovely for those who would perhaps be too nervous to try a studio class or not usually have the time).

~ There's nothing quite like being able to read and guide the collective energy of the room in real life settings...although finding a sense of community in the online classes is definitely also possible.

~ The importance of mirroring...but I'm sorry if it involves multiple twists it is just too much to get my head around (I do know my left from my right usually, honestly!).

~ Zoom fatigue is is getting frustrated with having to be super tech savvy.

~Things happen that you have no control over - internet cutting out, people's phone's dying etc and that's ok - we just do the best that we can.

Overall teaching online has an almost more human element to it - everyone sharing their home space and perhaps heart space a little more openly, a little more realistically than the sometimes armored, polished version of ourselves we're used to presenting to the world - and for this, I'm truly grateful.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far and continues to make Wild Wolf Movement what it is - a family of alive, vibrant and compassionate individuals who co create the most humbling community - either on or off line. It is an absolute pleasure to connect with each and every one of you on your own journey, whatever path you're taking. You inspire me to show up on the mat every week and continue to evolve to serve you in the best way possible.

As a thank you I have a special offer for those on my mailing list over the coming weeks regarding upcoming outdoor classes I'm very excited to share with you (you can sign up on the home page) - exciting times indeed!

A very happy reflection day to you all - what have been some of your biggest learning curves, moments of transformation, lightbulb moments? I'd love to hear in the comments.

If you're looking for some extra space in your calendar to rest, digest and reflect there are still spaces for our monthly extended Yin & Yoga Nidra sesison, 'Deep Rest', on Friday 26th March from 7-8:30pm. Booking link for that here.

Hope to see you soon, happy reflecting to you all x

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