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Yoga Off The Mat ~ Yoga Philosophy Workshop

Do you know that yoga consists of more than just the physical asana practice but aren't sure how to start exploring & integrating it's other parts? Our upcoming Yoga Off The Mat workshop is for you!

Join us on Friday 28th Jan, 6.30-8.30pm at Bradmore Community Centre as we dive into:

~ Yoga's roots & origins

~ The Yoga Sutras & other texts

~ The 8 Limbs of Yoga & how to apply them to our lives

~ Breath work, meditation & chanting

This is a really wonderful opportunity to explore more elements of your practice besides the physical, and to ask questions and chat about different concepts in a relaxed and casual environment.

There will be practical as well as theoretical elements to the session, please bring a mat and cushions/blankets that will be comfortable to sit on (chairs will also be available if needed). Tea, snacks & handouts are included!

Absolutely no prior knowledge or even existing yoga practice is required, this is suitable for everyone.

Fancy coming to both Yoga Off the Mat & Yoga On the Mat workshops?

Email Marie ( for a sweet little £5 off entry to both - both workshops for just £20 each.

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