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Remaining Yoga Hikes 2022

Looking for a fun day out to reconnect with yourself, explore beautiful landscapes and feel content refreshed and renewed? Our Yoga Hikes aim to do just that. A chance to unplug, to discover a beautiful landscape not far from our doorstep and enjoy yoga and hiking outdoors in the sunniest part of the year, these days have been popular ever since their introduction during lock down and it's easy to see why.

The final dates we have this year are:

Sunday 24th July ~ Stiperstones

Our longest route, the Stiperstones yoga hike covers an abridged version of the 'butterfly trail' around the Stiperstones nature reserve - home to some quarzite rock formations from the stone age! As you may have guessed from the name, there are lots of beautiful butterflies and also moths to spot en route, as well as lots of birds and other wild life.

This is a great route because of the amazing views the whole way round - approx 7 miles. Although the longest route this is also the flattest, with the terrain pretty steady through woodland and hills. The area we'll be practicing yoga in is next to The Bog visitor centre, and was the heart of a bustling mining town just over 200 years ago!

Sunday 7th August ~ Brown Clee Hill

A newer addition to our routes but a firm favorite among many, this route around Bridge north takes us on a tour of the highest hill in the Shropshire hills, again with some spectacular views.

There's also a wild swimming spot where we can take a dip before lunch if desired ~ last August we were very grateful for a chance to cool off!

As always booking for each event is essential. Each day includes morning yoga, a guided hike with lunch, meditation and cake break, and yin yoga at the end to wind down.

These really are wonderful opportunities to get out and explore without the hassle of having to plan a route, bring lots of equipment or camp etc - and can hopefully inspire you to go on to do these things in similar areas if you enjoy it!

You're very welcome to come alone or with friends ~ they're also an excellent chance to meet like minded people, and it's not unusual for people from all across the country to join us - we've had guests from as far afield as Essex and Bristol before.

There's an extensive list of FAQ on each event page to give you more of an idea about logistics and what to expect, but if your question isn't there please feel free to get in touch.

Hope to see you on one of the hikes soon!

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