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IG Live Chat Tonight: Autumn Self Care

A quick invitation for you to join us online tonight, Weds 13th Oct at 7pm on Instagram live (@wild_wolf_movement) to listen to the wonderful Omie Griffiths & I chat about seasonal self care through a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lens.

A very talented reflexologist, Reiki practitioner and student of TCM for the last decade, Omie is also based in Wolverhampton and offers foot reflexology, various types of facial reflexology, Indian head massage and a host of other sumptuous treatments to soothe your weary body and mind.

As Yin yoga is based on TCM this is a subject I've been starting to delve into a little further for the past year or so, not only to inform my teaching but to look after my own health in a holistic way.

TCM provides a rich framework of ancient knowledge on how to live harmoniously with the cycles of nature, and each season correlates not only to an element but certain organs and emotions. Autumn relates to the metal element and the lung and large intestine meridian pair.

Emotionally autumn is a time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work during the rest of the year and begin to assess what systems and ways of living are useful and which are not - separating the wheat from the chaff. It's a good time to implement boundaries and begin more introspective, indoor activities and projects as the winter begins to draw in.

In tonight's chat we'll give you:

~ A brief intro to TCM

~ An overview of characteristics of autumn through a TCM lens

~ Info on the lungs & large intestine meridian pair

~ Some ways you can support yourself holistically during this time of year

Any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments below, send me an email or ask us live this evening. To join the chat log into IG around 7pm and make sure you're following @wild_wolf_movement to receive a notification the live is happening (alternatively visit my profile and click on the main pic icon). Make yourselves warm and comfy, grab your favourite herbal tea and we'll see you there!

Find out more about Omie and the services she offers here:

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