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Free Yoga For Women

Free Yoga Session For Women 💜

Ladies, you rock my world.

🧡There isn’t a single day that goes by where I am not in awe of, inspired by or uplifted by you.

🌻Whether it’s another woman entrepreneur carving her own path and following her joy, a young mum looking after her family and holding it down with homeschooling/working/juggling all the things or an older woman inspiring other generations there is SO much to learn from everyone.

🌹It will include breath work, meditation and playful mindful movement to reconnect you with your inner divine feminine energy (which we all embody, no matter our sex).

🪐To receive your free link to the session simply sign up to my newsletter via the homepage on my website - or send me your email - those of you already subscribed hold tight! The link will be sent out tomorrow afternoon via newsletter.

Looking forward to celebrating with you all 💃

NB: artist sadly unknown

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1 Comment

Chair yoga was fab - perfect for recuperating and re-entry to yoga during illness. Thank you so much.

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