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21 Day Yoga Challenge

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Monday 4th May - Sunday 24th May 2020

Live everyday on FB at 11:11am & posted to IGTV shortly after (sessions will be recorded with playback available) - each day building upon the last

Research shows it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit - and if yoga is a habit you'd like to embrace then the 21 day challenge is for you!

As you may have already gathered with any kind of discipline, teachers that want to empower you aim to give you the tools you need to do the work and forge your own path, enabling you to set off on your own two feet.

They want you to be self sufficient and not have to rely on anything outside of your own inner wisdom as you continue with your growth (albeit with continued support and guidance).

With this in mind I've created the 21 day yoga challenge...

During this challenge we will:

~ Learn a new pose and/or transition between poses each day, learning how to get into the pose, it's benefits, and variations.

~ Build upon the previous day's pose to learn a sequence which you will feel confident practicing at home, no matter your yoga experience/ability.

~ Include variations of the pose to cater to everyone's needs (and offer challenges too if you want to take them!).

~ Recap every 7 days on what we've learned and offer bonus strengthening/conditioning options.

What can you gain?

~ Confidence to practice foundational yoga poses.

~ Physical strength and more mental and emotional clarity.

~ The basis to form your own home self practice.

~ Routine and accountability for your practice within an online community.

~ Prizes! As well as the above & your own sense of achievement you could win:

A 5x class pass to use for online sessions - with 4x classes a week there are a variety of classes and times to choose from.

A 60 minute online 1-2-1 session tailored completely to your needs and preferences.

A beautiful yoga mat bag from Keep Spirit Life (bag below is an example - design may vary)

How to take part?

~ Get moving! & documenting

Follow Wild Wolf Movement on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch the FB live each day at 11:11am or catch up with the recording on FB or IGTV and take a picture or video of your practice, with Wild Wolf Movement tagged - @wildwolfmovement on Instagram or @thewildwolfmovement on Facebook and use the hashtags: #wildwolfmovement #21daychallenge.

If you don't have social media you can send me the images via email and let me know whether you consent to me sharing them on social media channels.

~Get creative!

Try your practice in different settings like going outside or using different corners of your home - if you have space for your mat you have space to practice! Involve family or housemates, pets...and have fun!

Be creative - ironically it's not how the pose looks but how it FEELS which is important. If you can take a picture or video of something that conveys how your practice FELT then even better (maybe you even want to draw or paint or create something - so many options!).

~ Explore

At the end of each practice I'll encourage you to explore some movement on your own. If you find a more interesting experience - feeling/shape comes out of this then document this instead! Yoga is a work in, not a work out.

Who is this for?

Everyone that wants to take part! This is as equally good for those completely new to yoga and wanting an entry point as regular practitioners looking for a solid framework for self practice, exploration and depth. It is a chance to create some routine and accountability in what can be a challenging, strange time and to embrace yoga as a tool to help us.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out - I'm looking forward to co-creating healthy, joyous and transformational habits with you!

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