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Props Give Away

Feel like your yoga props need an overhaul? Or haven't dipped your toes into using props in your practice yet? Enter this giveaway for the chance to win the basic props you need for your practice alongside your mat.

People (myself included) often initially think that props are 'only for beginners' or a sign of a less 'advanced' physical practice, but this couldn't be further from the truth! Props are useful at every single stage of our practice in a number of ways. They can help us when we can't reach the floor, when we need stability to balance, when we need a boost to do an arm balance, for strengthening exercises...there are so many props and ways to use them!

If you have Instagram (follow @wild_wolf_movement) I post a 'props are tops' mini tutorial weekly on several different ways to use props - for example this week was blocks and how you can use them to build strength in the upper body. Previously I've covered using a belt for flexibility and a bolster for Yin poses.

The winner of the giveaway (worth £35!) will get:

~ 2 eco friendly cork blocks (so much better than foam - they don't move when you have all of your weight on them!).

~ An organic cotton yoga belt.

~ A beaut cork Wild Wolf Movement tote to carry them to and from class in.

To enter all you need to do is send me a testimonial including: your name, how long you've been practicing with me & what styles of yoga, and what it is about my teaching style that you enjoy, alongside a little pic (just head and shoulders, nothing fancy, to be used for a small thumbnail like in my ridic example here, below). Written testimonials get one entry into the prize draw and video entries get two! You can send them via email to or via message on social media if you prefer.

Ridic example...Pip & Nut are the best though, imo! The more detail you can give the better.

It doesn't matter if you haven't been practicing with me for long, or aren't anymore, you are very welcome to enter. I will draw the winner at random, live around 7:35pm on Monday 20th Dec after my last in person class at Bradmore - I'll also live stream it on Instagram (follow @wild_wolf_movement to watch). Your prize can be collected if you live locally or delivered if you live outside of Wolves (UK delivery only).

I would love to be able to encourage more people to discover the joy of yoga with me, and your feedback is invaluable in helping people gather the courage to give their first class a go.

Best of luck!

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