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Partner Yoga - Sat 13th Feb

Partner Yoga Session ~ Sat 13th Feb, 4-5:30pm, more info here

The power of touch - isn't it incredible?

Without it, as babies, we would cease to be able to function. And as adults, we struggle to function without it either. During the first lock down, where I lived with one other adult (neither a friend or family member) and so was unable to have a support bubble, I did not touch another human being for over three months. Three months. It was really quite lonely, and I don't know how I would have coped without my little cat companion.

I feel deeply sorry for those for whom this is an ongoing reality/normal way of life, never receiving a hug or a kiss or affectionate touch from a family member or friend.

Appreciating Touch

I would say I can't imagine how this must feel, but this window during lock down was pretty illuminating, and even before lock down life as a singleton (even pre pandemic and with a strong support network of loving family & friends) was hard in terms of lack of touch.

Sadly our culture really seems to have confined physical touch largely to romantic relationships - which is a huge shame. Obviously now we are amidst the pandemic, touch is in many scenarios yet another factor of the everyday rendered obsolete and a fond but vivid distant memory, but the lack of touch people received even before then was alarming.

Everyone is hard wired to want to receive love, affection and warmth from others - we are relational mammals designed to thrive together.

For those of us lucky enough to have someone in our support bubbles we can hug let us truly, truly be grateful for this simple yet profoundly beautiful act of connection.

Exploring Touch - Partner Yoga

For those of you wanting to foster an even closer bond with those around you, or simply spend some time doing something a little more unusual and fun together during lock down join us online for some partner yoga next weekend, Sat 13th February from 4-5:30pm.

The class will involve some solo mindful movement, followed by some partnered exercises to make us feel more at ease and connected, some fun, playful partner yoga and finally a relaxing guided meditation. This is not just for couples, but would make a beautiful and fun activity for Valentines weekend!

You don't need any yoga experience to come along, just a desire to take part, an open heart and mind and most importantly of all...a sense of humour!

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of leading many partner yoga workshops at various festivals & workshops around the world (such as the one pictured here above) with all types of people - from lycra clad yogis to builders in jeans (!) - and they have all, without fail, sparked lots of joy & giggles.

Partner yoga allows us to cultivate a deeper sense of presence with ourselves and others, allows us to access poses in different, often deeper ways and cultivates a lovely fuzzy warm feel good factor that leaves us glowing.

To book your space follow the link here - spaces are limited for this live event (and are filling up quickly!) - I can't wait to share this practice with you.

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