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Valentine's Partner Yoga Workshop

Looking for a date with a difference this Valentine's Day? Join us for a divine two hour workshop as we dive into the heart chakra, exploring connection, gentleness and beauty within ourselves and in relation to others. The workshop will take place Sun 13th Feb, 4-6pm online on Zoom.

Partner yoga is one of my favourite workshop topics to share because it is seriously FUN! I've had the pleasure & honour of delivering it at weddings around the world, at festivals, workshops and even corporate well being days. Absolutely everyone, be it barefoot hippies in America to denim clad construction workers in the UK (I wouldn't ever recommend wearing jeans for yoga tho, tbh) couldn't help but soften into the process and surrender and enjoy, laughing, giggling and bonding with their fellow humans.

Does it matter if you've never tried yoga before? No! Do you have to be flexible? No! Do you need any special equipment? No! All you need is the desire to join (as with anything in life) and to connect with yourself and your partner.

During this two hour workshop we'll dive deep into the fierce yet soft, gentle wisdom of the heart chakra, beginning with some solo movement and yoga practice before beginning to explore connection and touch with our partners through play, partner yoga and massage.

Each couple joining the workshop will also receive a love letter in the post with some sweet little extras which will help set the scene - if you're curious as to what's in them you can take a peek at my latest IG reel here! Make sure you book before Thurs 10th at the latest if you'd like this in time for the workshop (UK Postage only).

If you have any Qs don't hesitate to drop me an email, this is going to be a seriously fun afternoon!

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