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Perfect Pancakes - Vegan Banana

How could I not share this with you today?!

If I'm honest pancakes form a staple part of our weekly diet...we indulge in them now most weekends, with lashings of peanut butter, honey, fruit & coconut yogurt (much like the granola - any excuse for added sweetness!).

Below is the recipe for super simple American style fluffy vegan banana pancakes - enjoy!


- 1 Banana (ripe - can add an extra half for more of a banana flavour)

- Third of a cup of flour (wholemeal, or any flour really)

- 2 tsp baking powder

- Pinch of Salt

- 1 cup mylk (almond, soy, oat, whatever you prefer)

- 1 cup rolled oats

- 2 Tbsp oil (coconut, olive, veggie - your fave)


- Add ingredients to blender & blend into a mixture - check the consistency is not too thick, add more mylk or flour to thin/thicken accordingly.

- Heat a non stick frying pan on low heat.

- Pour a small amount of the mixture into the pan and cover with a lid.

- When the edges start to go crispy/bubbles start to appear in the top of the batter flip to the other side using a spatula.

- Cook both sides evenly and add with your fave toppings- classic lemon & sugar never goes amiss!

Happy Pancake Day - enjoy and don't forget to share/tag us in any pics if you give it a go - we'd love to see your pancake stacks :)

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