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Want to dedicate some time to shaking off the remnants of winter and stepping into spring feeling more energized, clear and awake?

Join us for a fresh start to the year with 4 weeks of both yin & yang yoga practices to begin to unfurl from your winter cocoon and move into 2023 with more joy, ease and lightness of being.

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While we all know the benefits of getting onto our mat like improved mood & physical health, flexibility, emotional resilience, better sleep and so much more, staying consistent with our practice can be tricky.


Allow us to guide you on this journey back to yourself and set you up for not just this season but the year ahead.


For 4 weeks we’ll journey together exploring both energizing yang and calming yin yoga practices with weekly live sessions and a whole host of recorded videos to fit in with your busy schedule.

Tired of feeling uninspired to practice at home?

New year's enthusiasm wearing a little thin?


Your practice doesn't have to be 'all or nothing' ~ find a way to make it a sustainable part of your routine and allow us to guide you in this group container as we provide you with the tools and framework you need to make your yoga practice an ongoing part of your everyday life.

Each week we'll explore a new theme, tapping into the energy of spring and connecting deeper not only with yourself, but the world around you.

Combing both dynamic (yang) morning practices with nurturing slower (yin) afternoon practices, this gives you all of the support you need to nourish all parts of your being and practice.

Without yang there is no yin, and vice versa. So many of us fall into the trap of 'going going going'...until we can't. Taking a look at our practice on the mat helps us to begin to balance our time off the mat better too ~ what's the point in living without space for joy, ease and fun?!


Our time together will look like this...

🌸 Week 1 (Sat 1st ~ Fri 7th April) : Gather ~ Starting with our opening circle & including your weekly yang and yin live sessions, this week will focus on creating a container for our time together, acknowledging where we are and what we're working towards.

🌸 Week 2 (Sat 8th ~ Fri 14th April) : Plant ~ After gathering our intentions this is the auspicious time to plant them! Your weekly live yin & yang sessions will continue to guide you, alongside all of the pre recorded content you can weave into your week.

🌸 Week 3 (Sat 15th ~ Fri 21st April) : Nurture  ~ Continue to nourish the seedling of your intentions through positive habits and ways of being. Keep using your learning library and live sessions to make sure your dreams take root. .

🌸 Week 4 ( Sat 22nd April ~ Fri 28th April) : BlossomStart to reap the rewards of the new habits you've been cultivating over the last few weeks. In addition to your live Yin & Yang Sessions enjoy a closing circle to seal the energy of the group and acknowledge your progress.

🌸 After 28th April ~ Continue to integrate and embody all that you've learned with access to the course materials until the start of Summer in June. Re-watch the lives and pre recorded content at your own pace to fit in with your schedule and stay on track!

You absolutely do NOT need to have yoga or meditation experience or be flexible to join us!


 Physically you can expect to enhance your flexibility, strength & stamina and enjoy better sleep.

 Emotionally begin to learn what makes you tick and tools to express and work with your emotions and the ups and downs of the everyday.


 Mentally you can start to learn to notice your habitual thought patterns & begin to manage stress & anxiety more easily.


This is for you if:


You're tired of feeling lethargic and foggy & want to energize mind, body and spirit holistically.


You’re feeling anxious, burnt out or frazzled with the everyday pressures of life and its constant demands.

 You feel disconnected from your intuition, inner knowing & peace/ you're stuck and unsure of the next steps to take and want to cultivate clarity.


 You struggle to switch off after work/ during the weekend and want some 'me time' dedicated to nurturing yourself.


 You want to dedicate time to your own mental, emotional & physical well being weekly without having to cater to everyone else.

You're tired of not getting very far practicing once a week and want to create a sustainable home yoga routine to start reaping the benefits of your practice.


You want to learn more about living harmoniously and in tune with the seasons & cycles of nature.


 You want to be able to slow down and tune in with yourself so that you can show up better for yourself and your loved ones. 


 You'd love a regular meditation practice to feel more grounded and present but the idea of sitting and meditating is overwhelming & you’re not sure where to begin.

 You want to learn more about yoga, meditation & other powerful self care practices with a group of others doing the same and an experienced guide.

You'll have access to:

Live sessions


8:30 - 9:15am


4 - 5:15pm

Image by Mink Mingle




To deepen your




Weekly emails

With prompts


for further self



🌸 A live welcome with opening circle  on Sat 1st April

🌸 4 x 45 min live yang sessions (Saturdays 8:30-9:15am) - 1 each week to welcome in the weekend with some energizing movement for body and mind.

🌸 4 x 75 min live yin sessions (Sundays 4~5:15pm) - 1 each week to slow down and dedicate some time to yourself at the end of the week, leaving you feeling rested and ready for the coming week ahead.

🌸 All live sessions recorded for your own convenience - available for  catch up if you can't make a live or to re-watch and integrate at your own pace.

🌸 Recorded material in shorter (10-20 min), digestible chunks released weekly - all relating to spring and the weekly theme to further your learning & use for a daily practice if desired.

🌸 Weekly emails with tips, reminders, resources and journaling prompts.

🌸 A live closing circle on Sun 23rd April.

🌸 The first lucky 7  (UK based) participants to register will also receive a bonus physical goodie bag (worth over £15) posted to you to help nourish you on your journey!

Clay pottery with table linens

Course Topics Include

Wisdom from







Vinyasa yoga

flow &

Yin Yoga











You'll Learn:

☯️ About the season of spring from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.

☯️ Practical breathing & meditation exercises to help self regulate and alleviate stress.

☯️ Asana (poses) to help release deep seated tension from the fascia & physical body, and meditation techniques to nurture the mental & emotional self.

☯️ Tools to help you feel more comfortable in your own body.

☯️ Ways to integrate  both movement & rest more into your routine and way of being.

Yellow Flower
"Marie is a great teacher, very friendly and always gives different options for postures. The course was great to do from the comfort of your own home and go to bed after!
It is so much more than 'just' yin sessions. You can take as much or as little of it as you need e.g it doesn't matter if you don't watch the videos but they are there for you to watch when it's convenient.
It's a much needed reminder to rest on a weekly basis. At times Yin might be hard/uncomfortable, not in a physical sense but because it brings things to the surface that you are normally too busy to listen to...but with the discomfort comes understanding and an amazing opportunity to redirect your life! 🙂"

~ Amy W (previous course participant)

In a Nutshell:

🌸 Moving With the Seasons: Spring Blossom is a 4 week online course running live from Sat 1st April - Sun 23rd April. This edition exploring the season of spring through both yin & yang yoga practices. Weekly live sessions will be Saturdays 8:30-9:15am & Sundays 4-5:15pm (GMT) & all recorded for catch up & re-watching.

🌸 There will be an additional live opening circle Sat 1st April & a live closing circle Sun 23rd April. All sessions will be recorded and available for catch up or re-watching via a dedicated page on this website. You will receive your password to access the page, also with pre recorded materials, closer to the course start date.

🌸 Materials will be accessible until 21st June 2023 to re-watch, integrate and take things at your own pace.

🌸 The investment is £295.*

The first 7 people to register (living in the UK ~ apologies overseas friends) will also receive a FREE goodie bag thoughtfully packed with a range of items to assist & nurture them on their journey in the post.

Payment plans are available ~ please email  Marie for more details.


*A little disclaimer: this rate is a discounted rate due to potential concerns over internet connection quality. Here in India it is hard to guarantee a solid internet connection for all live calls and although I will endeavor to provide the best connection possible there are limitations and an element of surrender! I appreciate your patience and understanding.

About Your Guide

As an ambitious Capricorn sun sign tempered by a Scorpio moon, Marie loves both a strong and dynamic physical yoga practice but equally the soothing, grounding calm of yin & nidra.

On a mission to share the magic of movement, yoga & meditation across the world, Marie was the first teacher to share Yin yoga in her home city in the UK.

After years of studying, living and sharing her yoga practice around the globe she is currently based in the West Midlands, where she shares online & in person offerings; as well as retreats further afield. 

She weaves in knowledge from 700+ hours of training in Yin, Yoga Nidra, Trauma Informed Yoga & Yoga for Mental Health, among others.

When not studying all things movement/yoga related you’ll most likely find her out running along her local nature trail, exploring, dancing or having a bath, sipping tea & hanging out with her furry bestie, Luna.

If you're interested in learning more about her experience, skills, teachers & qualifications you can read more here.

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Want to join us but still have some questions? Check out the FAQ below.


🌸 I haven't practiced any yoga or meditation before, can I join?

Yes! Modifications will be offered for all poses to make sure there is an option to suit your body. 

You don't need to be flexible either - this is a by product of practicing ;)

🌸 I've been practicing yoga for a while, what can I gain?

The course will provide you with a container to encourage weekly group and self practice, and provide you with many points of inquiry from different schools of thought to deepen your practice. The course goes beyond what any drop in class could give you with much more depth to learn, grow and explore. 

🌸 I can’t make all of the lives, is that a problem?

Don’t worry if the timing of the live sessions doesn’t always fit with your schedule ~ each live is recorded. Access to the course runs throughout the whole of spring until the start of summer, giving you chance to continue to integrate and embody all of the material throughout the season long after the live part of the course has finished.

🌸 How will live sessions be delivered?

Online via Zoom (download the app for free at

An account is not strictly necessary but makes the user experience a lot smoother.

🌸 How will I access recorded sessions?

Via a password protected page on my website. You will receive your first weekly email with your password & further instructions closer to the start date. Learning materials are added weekly in a digestible way to avoid overwhelm.

🌸 How much time will I need to dedicate weekly?

Including the time for live sessions and watching the recorded content, roughly 2 and a half hours each week plus extra time for the guest live sessions and opening & closing circles. Whether you choose to do this and attend all of the lives or spread the time out over a longer period is up to you ~ you can take everything at your own pace.

🌸 How long will I have access to the course materials?

The course material will stay online until the end of spring and the beginning of summer ~ 21st June. This gives you lots of time to digest, re-watch & integrate at your own pace. If you prefer to take the course in smaller chunks over this time it is entirely possible to do so.

🌸 How will this differ to Seasonal Rest?

After sharing Seasonal Rest throughout the seasons last year it feels right to invite in this dynamic or yang element to the course to help you step into even greater alignment as we navigate the ebbs and flows of the year energetically.

Without Yang there is no Yin, and rest doesn’t have to be sedentary, it can be active too. There will still very much be a large space and reverence dedicated to the Yin side of the course, with longer live sessions for Yin to allow us to explore and embody the practice fully ~ it can’t be rushed!

🌸 Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

Yes, the easiest way to do this is to use their email address when booking the course so that confirmation etc is sent to them. If you have a specific day you want to send it then please wait until that day to register.

🌸 What is your refund policy?

I trust that you will honour your commitment to the course & as such no refunds will be issued once you have access to the course.

Is your question not here? Feel free to drop Marie an email and she'll get back to you.

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