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Wild Wolf Women

When women gather, magic happens.


I adore creating spaces for and sharing space with other women*. I believe it's important to create safe spaces for women to gather, share and co~create magic together in community and that such spaces can be few and far between.


*By women I refer to anyone adopting this term, I have no desire to perpetuate any type of discrimination.

Current & Upcoming Offerings

Join us for an upcoming one day Women's Summer Retreat to celebrate Summer Solstice on Sunday 26th June 2022, Ingestre Orangery, Stafford ~ more details below.

Currently I'm facilitating an in person Awakened Belly Dance Course over 7 weeks, which ends in June. I plan to begin monthly in person Women's Circles, and hopefully run another Awakened Belly Dance course around autumn.

Women's Summer Retreat

Join us for a beautiful fun filled day to celebrate summer and nurture mind, body and soul with yoga, meditation, sound healing, awakened belly dance, wreath making, delicious plant based food and more!

Set in the stunning restored Orangery, the venue has a gorgeous garden and outdoor space where we can place our feet on the earth and feel reconnected with self and nature.

Find out more and book your space using the button below.

White Structure

Why Women's Events?

The first women's circle I attended was in the lush green jungle of Far North Queensland, Australia. Living and working in a farm environment at the time, I was surrounded in a culture that exemplified toxic masculinity and craved the companionship of other like minded women, and a softer embrace. The time at these events was like a balm for my soul in so many ways, and the kinship created during this time a lasting reminder of how powerful community can be.

Despite this being a more extreme example, a sense of toxic masculinity is ever pervasive in the systems society is built upon ~ outdated modes of being exploiting each other and the planet. The more Yin, 'feminine', soft and spacious way of being is largely vilified in favour of 'progress' and 'growth' ~ viewing this in an entirely linear and binary way.

I believe both the 'masculine' and 'feminine'* in all of us needs space to be nurtured in order for us to flourish as integrated beings, and believe space for women to gather amongst themselves and away from the male gaze helps foster a sense of empowerment and sisterhood.

*I recognize that the terminology 'masculine' and 'feminine' can be problematic but as of yet have not found a lexicon that resonates better. I'm always open to discussion on how to be more inclusive.

Spring Equinox Inner Dance Journey
Spring Equinox Inner Dance Journey
29 Mar 2024, 19:30
The Dome @ Little Earth ~ Wolverhampton
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