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Spring Edition

Online Tuesday 15th March - Friday 18th March

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🌻 Do you want to begin to make more time for rest & self care in your daily routine, but perhaps have no idea where to start, or find it challenging to keep consistent?

🌻 Does prioritizing your own needs seem like a thing of the past because you're too busy serving others first?

🌻 Does slowing down & creating more space in your life for rest and joy sound great but the reality of implementing it leave you feeling a little overwhelmed?

This invitation is for you.


In reality, for most of us resting does not come easily.

We have been conditioned to believe that time = money, and that resting is 'unproductive', but this couldn't be further from the truth.

It's not a good sign when even your phone battery has more vitality than you -
how can you step into your power and reach your goals if you're constantly exhausted?

Being well rested & learning to tend to ourselves can be transformational in all aspects of our lives - join us in the lead up to spring to learn how.

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🌻Our journey begins on Tuesday 15th April and runs until Friday 18th April, 6-6:20pm online.

🌻 Recordings will be sent out each day with a replay for 24 hours.

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FAQ ~ Your questions answered

🌼 What kind of yoga will we be practicing?

Throughout the sessions we'll practice a very slow, passive, gentle style of yoga known as Yin. Most poses are seated or lying, and are a passive style of deep stretching that is amazing for flexibility & slowing down.

🌼 What kind of meditation will be included?

As well as simple seated focusing on the breath and body, we'll explore a style of yoga called Yoga Nidra. This a guided style of meditation focusing on relaxing not only the physical but the mental body, leaving you feeling rested and refreshed.

🌼 Do I need yoga or meditation experience?

No. The pace will be slow and steady and hopefully very accessible wherever you are on your yoga journey - from complete beginner to long time practitioner.

🌼 Is yoga suitable for me with ___ injury or condition?

Please consult your doctor/health care practitioner before trying yoga for the first time if you have any concerns. This may not be suitable for you if: you've recently had an operation, are pregnant or are navigating certain health conditions.

After consulting the above please feel free to email Marie with any requests for specific modifications.

🌼 Do I have to make the live?

Each session will be hosted live, 6-6:20pm GMT via Zoom. An email with a link to re-watch the recording will be sent out afterwards and will be live until the next day's session. This means you can catch up or re-watch at your own convenience.

🌼 Do I need to have my camera on for the session?

While I prefer to see your lovely faces where possible, it's up to you whether you have your camera on. That said - if you've emailed asking for specific modifications in regards to your health concerns, being able to see you is an important part of being able to guide you.
🌼 Can I join part way through?
Yes, you can join at any point of the event. Your welcome registration email will contain the link to join that evening's live session - if you have missed this you will need to wait until the next day to be added to the list.

Anything else not included here? Feel free to drop Marie an email.